De Crèvecoeur forms a unique blend of sophisticated design
and impeccable craftmanship.
Pieces are mainly crafted in sterling silver and platinum.

precious things

uniqpiece, extravagant pieces in a one-of-a-kind collection.
I am passionate to share my fascination for exotic fair-trade gems
which I will choose myself.

chaos & harmony, the lightness of being…embodying the complexity of life with the simplicity of being, bracelet with 33 intertwined rings

Rolls Reuss, the collection’s name spotlights the mobility of the unique hand-made miniature animal sculptures by Erricos Prince Reuss

I dedicate the collection to Count Maximilian Emmanuel von Tauffkirchen
zu Guttenburg-Englburg,
Marquis de Wargnies, Baron de Crèvecoeur, Cambrésis, heir to the Principauté de Barbencon in 1782.

Patricia von Tauffkirchen